Editorial Inspiration

Picture 3

Our Inspiration today is industrial storage from metal lockers and cabinets to painted sideboards.

AW4 AT133

Germany circa 1940 pair of lockers (AW4), England circa 1900 metal cabinet (AT133)


England circa 1920 painted metal sideboard (AW74)

Photo by Elle Decor UK.

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The Novel Series

tumblr_lyyiyhDyxN1qdo62to1_500 df6f5780bc8d1471ea1881d5d2ced716

The Austrian National Library

Austria’s largest library is located in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna and houses over 7.4 million items in its collections. The library was completed in 1723 and features sculptures by Lorenzo Mattielli and Peter Strudel and frescoes by Daniel Gran.

The Novel Series

article-2465776-18D129B300000578-775_964x863-1The library Tripitaka Koreana at the Haeinsa Temple in South Korea from the book “The Library” by Dr. James Cambell

The library is a Korean collection of the Tripitaka (Buddhist scriptures, and the Sanskrit word for “three baskets”), carved onto 81,258 wooden printing blocks in the 13th century.

Novel Interiors

a16027ba5a7f0f664ec5d7d0a4d09bdeLibrary by Pierre Chareau, in Maison de Verre

Another library in the spirit of Legends 2014.

The bookcase is industrial made of iron with an iron wood ladder. Books are stacked two shelves deep, and the staggered cases allow access to back-shelf books.There’s also an interesting article from the New York Times on la Maison de Verre here.

Out of the Kitchen

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.09.02 AMWhen the thought of good, home cooked food collides with humble, well worn interiors you can’t help but enjoy a feast for the senses.

header-1header-6Italy circa 1890 set of wooden bowls (AZ99), France circa 1800 marble mortar (AZ89)


England circa 1860 bread boards (AX65), China circa 1880 set of trays (AZ115B)

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.09.43 AMheader-8header-9England circa 1840 butcher block (B130), France circa 1900 butcher block (B28)

header-2AY60England circa 1880 pewter bowl (B180), England circa 1900 pottery jug (AY60)

header-5header-7Belgium circa 1890 pottery molds (AZ97), France circa 1880 wooden mortar and pestle (AY216)

 header-10France circa 1880 cloche and stand (AZ34)

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The Novel Series

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.16.09 AMIn celebration of the upcoming LCDQ Legends event “Novel Interiors: Storytelling  by Design”, I am going to share some of my favorite libraries … libraries that we can imagine picking a book from the shelves, sitting down in a comfy place and escaping into the pages of a great novel.  Do you have a favorite library to share?  Send a photo to me at lee@leestanton.com

Photo from House and Garden UK

Captain of Industry

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.29.52 AMThere’s something romantic about a ship, the wood paneling, old cotton sails, and the intimacy of a captain’s quarters. I have never been a sea-going man but you don’t have to be a captain to have a nautical inspired home.

AZ118AX178France circa 1880 model wooden ship (AZ118), England circa 1870 diorama of a wooden ship (AX178)

headerB86France circa 1880 wooden ship model (AZ124), Belgium circa 1990 painting of boats (B86)


Belgium circa 1840 wooden model boat (AZ55), England circa 1820 partners desk (AF7)

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Chemist Craze


Fashion is not the only industry that involves “Trend Spotting”. Beakers, test tubes and glass measuring equipment have been emerging into the interior design scene recently. Often substituting for decorative accessories and mixed drink apparatuses. Beakers and test tubes have been around since the early 1800′s used often by chemists, alchemists, perfumists, and doctors serving as purely scientific reasons.

AW177CAW177C AW167A AW167C AW167E AW167DAW167H

France circa 1900 chemist glass beakers of varying sizes and shapes (AW167)

Amber bottles were used for storing and protecting sensitive liquid from the light such as essential oils. Boutique coffee houses like Portola Coffee Lab have adopted the scientific items into the coffee-making process giving off a chemist vibe while waiting for your well crafted coffee.

header header-1France circa 1900 set of large siphons with stoppers (AY159), France circa 1900 set of 6 small siphons with stoppers (AY157)


England circa 1900 amber bottles with stoppers (AY27C), England circa 1940 set of glass bottles with stoppers (AY145)

Lately designers have been appreciating the qualities of the antique glass pieces and have been adopting them into design. We recently decided to take a perfumist’s distilling siphon  and convert them into table lamps.

header-3 header-2France circa 1900 glass siphon lamp with custom shade (AY159)

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The Best For Last

Picture 9

Searching markets and antique shops throughout Europe for unique yet stylish one of a kind items for my clients can be daunting.  Sorting through a lot of mediocre and even trashy collectables sometimes feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. At these moments I can’t help but think of the expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  However, in this case it feels more like one man’s treasures is another man’ trash and I am the other man.

However, just as I am at my last straw, I usually stumble upon a dealer that makes the quest worthwhile. It is like a pot of gold at the end of a path with all the things I have been looking for days.  After years of doing this I can tell I have hit the jackpot from the minute I first walk in the door.  More than that it, it is like a bright light at the end of a dreary path.. an inspiration … inspiration to take home and inspiration to keep searching for more.  This  series of images of a dealers place in Italy represents a pictorial progression of that experience.

Picture 8AZ22AZ23

France circa 1890 Pair of industrial shelves, metal frames with wood plank shelving. (AZ22) has a single wooden drawer. (AZ23) is an open shelving system.


Italy circa 1840 a painted torchere lamp (AZ167A)Picture 10


Italy circa 1930 squared metal table on tapering pedestal base (AS79), France circa 1850 oak and iron railed stairs (Ay138)

AW238header-5France circa 1950 pair of painted metal sphere sculptures (AW238)

Picture 16AY233b62Italy circa 1880 large walnut armoire (AY233), France circa 1860 painted commode with marble top (B62)

header-7header-8France circa 1890 bleach wood X-Leg table (AY500), France circa1860 cherry wood bench (AW1)

Image from World Of Interiors March 2014 

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