The Shipment

The most recent shipment has arrived from Europe. Here is a sneak peek of the items. Look for more in the near future.image2 image6 im3


Top Brass

982855-1_lBrass is making a comeback in the design world. Introduce some 19th century brass pieces from the showroom.

 AK105U051906H2France circa 1890 candlestick lamp (AK105), England circa 1880 brass and wood bucket (U051906H2)


U.S. circa 1900 bullet shaped thermos (LB3), France circa 1860 occasional table (U071908)

AT153AY134France circa 1900 candlestick brass chandelier (AT153), France circa 1950 brass overlaid panel (AY134)

Image from Vogue

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The Nudist


 “Take the focus off the architecture and beam it on an astonishing object — it can be anything from a specimen plant to a Da Vinci cartoon to a nude portrait.” —Thomas Jayne

See our collections of nudes below or in the showroom here.

AK85_3 AK85_2  AY238AY238b AY232B AY232A

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Los Angeles Showroom

England circa 1880 Edwardian chair (AV46), U.S. circa 1960 mod chrome 5 globe lamp (U092113G).


England circa 1880 bamboo side table (B151)

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imageA collection always makes a statement.

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Photo by Suzanne Kasler

Going Green

traditional-staircase-hallway-shostak-co-inc-claverack-new-york-201306-2_1000-watermarkedArchitectural Digest suggests adding some green to your decorating color pallet. However if your not feeling so bold to paint your walls green, maybe try some of our antiques instead.

AZ63 Z121

Italy circa 1880 onyx green tazza (AZ63), England circa 1840 painted dresser mirror (Z121)


France circa 1870 copper bucket on green metal stand (AF153), Italy circa 1880 set of 10 porcelain dishes (AN156)


England circa 1870 tobacco jar (AT12), England circa 1880 painted george III stand (AP175),


France circa 1900 painted cabinet (B22)

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Editorial Inspiration

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.03.43 AMThe house derives much of its character from the pieces that have found a home here, a mix of luxurious antiques, weathered vintage furniture, various objects and artwork.

gallery_2 header-1France circa 1820 chest of drawers with brass pulls (B27), England circa 1840 painted Cornish dresser (B138)gallery_ALTEngland circa 1880 railway table (AO108).

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Gentleman About Town

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 5.12.19 PMEditorial Inspiration from the remodeled Melbourne House. In London, specifically Albany, the once Famous Melbourne House lined the road built-in walking distance to the clubs for the socialites. This has since been converted into apartments by a Francophile architect Henry Holland meant to total 69 bachelor apartments with a ‘Gentleman’s set of rooms” known as “sets”. Chester Jones is the designer behind this Gentleman’s humble apartment.

N121 AY79A

England circa 1820 painted cupboard (N121), France circa 1880 glazed pot (AY79A)

AZ135 AY97

 England circa 1900 pair of Georgian revival gainsborough arm chairs (AZ135), France circa 1860 extension table in cherry wood (AY79),

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Los Angeles Showroom

photo-4 edit One of the vignettes in the showroom.

AX125 B51BEngland circa 1840 handsome secretariat bookcase (AX125), France circa 1950 metal Jielde lamp (B51


France circa 1820 pair of empire legs converted into lamps (B61c), England circa 1880 Victorian inlaid tea caddy (AX98)


England circa 1930 Cricket league trophy (AV118)

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Editorial Inspiration

EDCElle decor features historian and Vice President Jon Meacham’s house in Nashville. One of the most popular rooms is the study featuring old world charm.

B129 AX37England circa 1890 Chesterfield leather sofa (B129), England circa 1840 breakfast table in mahogany with rosewood banding (AX37)AS126

England circa 1860 mahogany trolley sideboard (AS126)

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