Popping Up in Palm Springs

Towne exterior

Over the weekend we finished our install in Palm Springs store “The Shops At Thirteen Forty Five”. It is an exciting new pop up shop for us and can’t wait to share our collection with the new community. Check it out while you can. Vigenette 1Vigenette 2

View more info on The Shops At Thirteen Forty Five here.

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An English Bed and Breakfast

One of my favorite places to go buying is the countryside of England. Bath is one of those exceptional towns that embodies “old English style”. Remodelista recently featured the vacation home of Patrick Williams of design-build firm Berdoulat. A beautifully traditional home that has been opened up to the public and converted into a bed and breakfast.

To view the entire story visit remodelista.com

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Creating Bookcases

There are so many ways to implement vintage crates into decorating.BA108B

France circa 1930 bookcase made of crates (BA108)

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Trunk Inspiration

Tom’s founder Blake Mycoskie and his globally influenced home are featured in the latest issue of Architectural Digest. Trunks are an anchor all around Blake and his wife’s house.

BA126England circa 1890 green travelers trunk (BA126)

See more of Blake’s house designed by Hammer and Spear in the 2015 October issue of Architectural Digest.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.17.07 AM

Photo: Lapicida

Who doesn’t love a good bench?


England circa 1890 iron and wood bench (AS47B), France circa 1860 cherrywood bench (AW1)


France circa 1890 pair of small garden benches (BB48)

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Stash Warehouse


A new vignette from the Stash Warehouse.


Belgium circa 1880 large convex mirror (AZ46), England circa 1900 pair of terracotta pots (BA83)


England circa 1880 storage boxes (BB117), Denmark circa 1940 wood sideboard (BB20)

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The Collectible Candlestick


It can be difficult when trying to start a collection. Knowing that you need something that has variability, unique traits, and can represent your taste. The candlestick can be one such collectible. A once popular item now finding seldom use, maybe it’s time for a comeback.

Click here to view our entire collection of candlesticks.

BB47BA68France circa 1880 pair of pewter candle sticks (BB47), France circa 1900 Pair of metal candlesticks (BA68)

AY190B119AEngland circa 1860 pair of wood twisted candlesticks (AY190), Belgium circa 1880 pair of wood painted candlesticks (B119)

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IMG_8978A board game now and then never hurt anybody.

One of the most recognized boardgames is the challenging game of chess. Originating in India during the 6th century AD, it soon made it’s way to the west through southern Spain. It wasn’t long before chess took place as one of the most popular board games second only to backgammon in western Europe.

Draughts or Checkers as known in the States is a simpler game that has been around since the 5th century. A similar game discovered during an excavation in Egypt by a British archeologist Sir Gardner Wilkinson . Actually draughts is what lead to the development of chess in India. The game has evolved over time popular in several countries. The games have always had a formal set of rules but varied slightly depending on the region and time period. Today checkers is a simple and easy to understand game that is enjoyed by many.

So next time you’re looking for a unique piece remember the history of these board games.

 aw69 AP112 England circa 1820 inlaid checker board (AW69), France circa 1890 chess board (AP112)

AT47 B75England circa 1860 inlaid checker box (AT47), England circa 1860 wood inlaid chess set (B75)

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Los Angeles Showroom



France circa 1880 spoke wheel on stand (AY110), France circa 1850 gilt candlestick lamp (AY132)


Italy circa 1880 drawings of six piranesi prints in papyrus paper frame (AN136)

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Editorial Inspiration

cd7c6b7ed53f9cae65278c8982269a03AW3B51AEngland circa 1840 wood work bench (AW3), France circa 1950 metal Jielde lamp (B51)

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