Creative Collecting

U092113E AZ81U.S. circa 1960 paper-mache male torso (U092113E), Belgium circa 1880 plaster phrenology model (AZ81)

 BA50 B52

England circa 1880 table top display case (BA50), Sweden circa 1880 set of phrenology models (B52)

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Display Your Way

BA50 AJ42England circa 1880 table top display case (BA50),England circa 1820 display case (AJ42)

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Mirror Mirror


AD Espana September 2014AZ46ABelgium circa 1880 convex mirror (AZ46)

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Opposites Attract

4A preview of our feature story, Opposites Attract. The balance between new and old.

AY170BA136France circa 1760 arm chair (AY170), France circa 1900 metal flambo chair (BA136),

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Editorial Inspiration

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 5.03.18 PM

Elle Decoration UK November 2014

Look at different ways to display art, play with the furniture and scheme of the room.


England circa 1750 3 drawer dresser (Q81), Germany circa 1950 pottery vase (AY54)

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Biography of a Barn

barn1Man Of The World 2014 No. 9

The “Biography of a Barn” recently published by Man of the World is a story about a Long Island retreat that has always been in fashion. It was first published in 1912 by House and Garden. It was the backdrop to numerous photo shoots while photographer Bruce Webber was steward of the property. The spirit of the retreat was more recently captured by Bjorn Wallander, a photographer I have had the pleasure to work with on a project a few months ago. Great workBjorne!

 AZ124AX178France circa 1880 ship model (AZ124), England circa 1870 diorama of a ship (AX178)


Italy circa 1840 painted torch floor lamp (AZ167c), China circa 1880 wooden tray (AZ115)

barn 3

Man Of The World 2014 No. 9

BA21BA188England circa 1800 Georgien mahogany bench (BA21), Belgium circa 1860 wooden boat on stand (BA188)

barn 2

Man Of The World 2014 No. 9

BA172U1062012France circa 1880 portrait of man (BA172), U.S. circa 1960 portrait of young gentleman (U1062012)


France circa 1940 metal chair with leather slacks (AW171)

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Editorial Inspiration


House and Garden UK September 2014

AY170 AY179B

France circa 1780 armchair in tapestry (AY170), Belgium circa 1880 oak and elm arm chairs (AY179B)

B112 AT9

France circa 1880 trestle table in pine (B112), U.S. circa 1940 lounge chair (AT9)

BA192 BA49  England circa 1880 green chair (BA192), France circa 1900 frame of hardware (BA49)

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In Residence

Nowness talks to rogue architect Ricardo Bofill about his 5,000sqf cement factor turned residence and his idea of luxury.

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Industrialized Living

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.19.26 AMAD Espana Sept. 2014

In the September issue of AD Espana, an industrial loft in turned into a motorcycle enthusiast dream home.

LSC21 B142A

Italy circa 1900’s map of Rome (LSC21), England circa 1970’s floor lamp (B142)


Germany circa 1940 pair of metal lockers (AW4)

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.19.02 AM

AD Espana Sept. 2014


England circa 1850 workbench (AY37), England circa 1880 display case (BA50)


England circa 1890 pair of ship mirrors (BA123)

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A House Tour in Mexico

The Casamidy designers Jorge Almada and Anne-Marie Midy show T Magazine their rustic casita in Sonora, Mexico.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.41.55 AM

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Film from T Magazine