Editorial Inspiration


B121 B35BBelgium circa 1860 apothecary chest (B121), France circa 1860 large chest of drawers (B35B)


England circa 1900 chopping block (BA214), France circa 1880 mahogany library cabinet (BA17A)


Belgium circa 1880 round bread board (B66)

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Cluster Of Oddities

photoI like the clusters of objects that chart the passage of time in this Brooklyn brownstone.  The diversity of this collection of luxurious antiques, weathered vintage objects and artwork creates a captivating kind of beauty. As writer and actor Carl Hancock Rux says of his collection, “If something is too new, I find myself uncomfortable and out of sorts.  For me collecting odd pieces of furniture and juxtaposing objects is another way of creating poetry”. 

AZ51 AV112 France circa 1880 candelabrum with foliate arms (AZ51), France circa 1900 iron base table with glass (AV112)


France circa 1950 leather arm chair (B115), England circa 1900 metal floor lamp (AL170)

B32ABA30France circa 1880 double folding chair (B32), England circa 1900 industrial floor lamp (BA30)


France circa 1900 leather club chair (BA62), France circa 1890 pair of leather chairs (BA26)


England circa 1900 iron table with mosaic top (BA85)


BA93BA126England circa 1900 brown trunk in simulate crocodile (BA93), England circa 1890 green trunk (BA126)

AL98 AX190

England circa 1860 wood and leather chest (AL98), England circa 1840 (AX190)

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A Purist Vision

thumbs_4705-Paris-Apartment-Pierre-Yovanovitch-02-0614.jpg.1064x0_q90_crop_sharpenPierre Yovanovitch began interior design in 2001, creating clean, purist designs, that do not appeal to trends. With a very “Made in France” style, Pierre has been tackling projects from 17th century chateau’s in Provence to hotels in the heart of Paris always leaving his straight edge mark.

BA115A BA36

England circa 1900 factory mold lamp bases (BA115), England circa 1860 upholstered arm chair with claw feet (BA36)



Pair of Stiffel brass and porcelain lamps with original shades (U020914)

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Photos by Pierre Yovanovitch

Editorial Inspiration

gallery_ALTEngland circa 1880 railway table (AO108)
header-8 AX13BFrance circa 1860 cherrywood bench (AW1), France circa 1800 cherrywood bench (AX13B)

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Circa Care


Our friends at Remodelista are featuring the Circa Care furniture line on their website today.


The perennially dapper Lee Stanton is a longtime collector and purveyor of British and European antiques. After years in the business dealing with furniture care products that he was hesitant to recommend to customers, Stanton decided to create his own line, CircaCare. As he tells us, “I feel these safer products are a major accomplishment in my career. Now my clients can properly maintain their cherished items.” 

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Fresh Tobacco



B98F B98D Belgium circa 1880 tobacco jars (B98)


Belgium circa 1880 tobacco jar (B96)

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It’s Only Logical

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.38.47 AM

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

- Albert Einstein

I am always excited to go back to work, to find inspiring antiques that can challenge a designer, to use some bold and new piece in an unpredictable way. The use of busts and models have been used to decorate spaces for years, but replacing a carved bust with a scientific phrenology head, now that’s a challenge.


 B54 B52

Sweden circa 1900 collection of phrenology busts in a red box (B54), Sweden circa 1900 collection of phrenology busts in glass dome (B52)


Belgium circa 1880 phrenology model head (AZ81)

Image from Purificacion Garcia

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photoSorry for being out of touch this past week, we were busy with the new shipment from Europe. We’re excited to share some new announcements coming soon but for now you will have to settle with this behind the scenes time-lapse of our photo shoot.


Video by http://www.peterdworinphoto.com/

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The Shipment

The most recent shipment has arrived from Europe. Here is a sneak peek of the items. Look for more in the near future.image2 image6 im3


Top Brass

982855-1_lBrass is making a comeback in the design world. Introduce some 19th century brass pieces from the showroom.

 AK105U051906H2France circa 1890 candlestick lamp (AK105), England circa 1880 brass and wood bucket (U051906H2)


U.S. circa 1900 bullet shaped thermos (LB3), France circa 1860 occasional table (U071908)

AT153AY134France circa 1900 candlestick brass chandelier (AT153), France circa 1950 brass overlaid panel (AY134)

Image from Vogue

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