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Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.03.43 AMThe house derives much of its character from the pieces that have found a home here, a mix of luxurious antiques, weathered vintage furniture, various objects and artwork.

gallery_2 header-1France circa 1820 chest of drawers with brass pulls (B27), England circa 1840 painted Cornish dresser (B138)gallery_ALTEngland circa 1880 railway table (AO108).

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Gentleman About Town

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 5.12.19 PMEditorial Inspiration from the remodeled Melbourne House. In London, specifically Albany, the once Famous Melbourne House lined the road built-in walking distance to the clubs for the socialites. This has since been converted into apartments by a Francophile architect Henry Holland meant to total 69 bachelor apartments with a ‘Gentleman’s set of rooms” known as “sets”. Chester Jones is the designer behind this Gentleman’s humble apartment.

N121 AY79A

England circa 1820 painted cupboard (N121), France circa 1880 glazed pot (AY79A)

AZ135 AY97

 England circa 1900 pair of Georgian revival gainsborough arm chairs (AZ135), France circa 1860 extension table in cherry wood (AY79),

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Los Angeles Showroom

photo-4 edit One of the vignettes in the showroom.

AX125 B51BEngland circa 1840 handsome secretariat bookcase (AX125), France circa 1950 metal Jielde lamp (B51


France circa 1820 pair of empire legs converted into lamps (B61c), England circa 1880 Victorian inlaid tea caddy (AX98)


England circa 1930 Cricket league trophy (AV118)

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Editorial Inspiration

EDCElle decor features historian and Vice President Jon Meacham’s house in Nashville. One of the most popular rooms is the study featuring old world charm.

B129 AX37England circa 1890 Chesterfield leather sofa (B129), England circa 1840 breakfast table in mahogany with rosewood banding (AX37)AS126

England circa 1860 mahogany trolley sideboard (AS126)

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Bedroom Limitations

Picture 5A South African stylist described her bedroom as limited. I have always loved my bedroom, a place or relaxation and comfort. This is where my I display some of my favorite items I have collected over the years. It is true the bedroom can be limiting, a room meant only for the homeowner, but it’s here that you want to be most comfortable, surround by your favorite possessions.


France circa 1950 metal Jielde lamp (B51), England circa 1840 pair of mahogany demi-lunes (AX52)


England circa 1820 George III Mahogany Demi Lune Table with Folding Top (CHI20)

Picture 6

When starting off with a plain room, I feel it is more important to add quality over quantity. I always want a piece to pull you into a space. I love when a guest is fascinated over a unique tapestry or interesting collection, it tells them something about your nature.

B180 AZ67

England circa 1880 pewter bowl (B180), Belgium circa 1880 set of bone sculptures (AZ67)


France circa 1826 set of 4 framed botanicals (W42)

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Editorial Inspiration

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 9.50.28 AM

There are times that a house finds you, and after all the years of collecting, the pieces seem to fall in place, you finally feel at home.

B136 header-3France circa 1820 vineyard table (B136) France circa 1900 set of art deco arm chairs (B110)

AZ69 AX44B

France circa 1880 wine tasting table (AZ69), England circa 1890 set of stool (AX44B)


Italy circa 1650 pinewood painted wardrobe (AR27)

Photo from World of Interiors

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Heart In Harlem

Picture 1The Cardigans singer Nina Persson and husband move into a brownstone in Harlem New York incorporating antiques and eclectic finds.

Picture 3M99gallery_ALTEngland circa 1840 walnut mirror (M99), England circa 1880 railway table (AO108).

AZ11AZ140France circa 1880 pair of tramp art mirrors (AZ11), Sweden circa 1820 set of 6 chairs (AZ140)

Picture 7

When asked about whats important about creating a home, Nina emphasizes substance and identity. Using collected original treasures to give the home its own unique voice. Reading up on the history of the brownstone home, they would visit a construction recycling company that salvages torn down and rehabbed Harlem houses.

B142ALSC11England circa 1870 adjustable nickel and teak lamp (B142A), An English “Editions” custom sofa upholstered in Belgian linen (LSC11)


Belgium circa 1900 painting of Antwerp (B94), France circa 1900 modern painting (B128)

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Los Angeles Showroom

photoA vignette of the Los Angeles showroom featuring a French 1880’s wooden ship model with a pair of Dutch 1840’s Candlestick lamps. They are sitting on top of French 1900’s painted cabinet. An Italian 1880’s frame of Piranesi prints on papyrus sits behind the ship model.

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Temps Perdu


Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.00.39 AMFascinated by the resonance of objects that others neglect and discard, Pascale Palun recycles them in her Vox Populi collection, turning the old house in Avignon that serves as her home and workplace into a Proustian sanctuary of memory-laden curious.  Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.01.09 AMWalk through the home of Pascle Palun, it is possible to transverse three centuries in a single foot step. The wallpaper faded, and mottled, dates back to the building’s early history. And yet one has the peculiar feeling of inhabiting both past and future.
header (2)header (1)Sweden circa 1800 carved gilt framed mirror with cornice top over an arch and a lion’s head (SS142), France circa 1840 gilt faux painted mirror (AS21) Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.01.32 AMWhat is important to Pascale is reinvigorating objects. She does not “remake” them but rather stops the aging process before the object completely disintegrates. It is in the innate poetry that attracts her. What really interests me is how things have traversed time, she says. Everything has a history, a story, and that’s what drives my creativity.

gallery_ALTheaderEngland circa 1880 railway table (AO108). England circa 1870 arm chair (B152)

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.01.42 AM

uk17header-1 France circa 1880 bookcase in oak with a molded cornice top and glass upper doors. (UK17), England circa 1840 painted Cornish dresser (B138)

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.01.59 AM


England circa 1850 workbench in bleached wood (AY37), England circa 1860 tall oak key rack (AY49)

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My Mannequin

Picture 1header

US circa 1960 paper-mache mannequin (U092113E)photoAZ20

France circa 1880 french wire mannequin (AZ20)

Images: World Of Interiors & Elle Decor UK

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