Macho Fever

Recovering from the macho fever of Super Bowl weekend and craving some creative stimuli, I went to my bookshelf and found an appropriate book to explore the masculine side of design.

Drawing on four archetypal male characters, “Bachelor Style” explores the full gamut of masculine style: The smooth playboy with a slick pad designed for entertaining and seduction; the dandy, whose passion for art, antiques and aesthetics is displayed in an immaculate environment; the gentleman, surrounded by emblems of his good taste and breeding; and the lad whose living space is designed for maximizing fun and minimizing chores.

This book is the perfect book to remind those reluctant men out there that good personal style is never absent of a well styled abode accessorized in good taste.  Being masculine does not give you an excuse to have a half empty bookcase, a coffee table with a faded candle and outdated magazines or a nightstand with a clock radio and picture frame with a photo of an old flame.  Your home is a reflection of your personal style.  Be sexy and own it!


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