Objects & Artworks In Vogue Living.

Australia’s Vogue Living features an article on stylist Megan Morton’s beautiful home. The designer opens the door to her eclectic home in Sydney.

“Like the fashion designer who wears jeans and a t-shirt at home, her own home was always meant to be the antithesis of the designer houses into which she breathes life. The Morton household is a place where school bags, nappies, flutes and guitars, bowls of cornflakes and cheery domestic chaos reign, in daily contrast to the sublime calm she divines as a stylist.” -David Prior

 A beautiful restored locker is on display in the living room. A similar pair of lockers are available in the STASH Warehouse here. There are also small bottles in the corner that adds some diversity in pieces. Click here

Blue is the color of choice and the multiple accents give the space a unique look. Similar hand accents can be seen in the LA showroom here.

A smaller stool painted blue is a clever addition to the partial living room. More stools here. The wall space is also put to good use displaying multiple small accessories, not to mention an older steel clock on the back wall. Clocks can bee seen here.

More of the article can be seen on Vogue Living’s blog.



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