An Artist Point of View

Abstract art complements antiques very nicely. On my recent buying trip I discovered a husband and wife contemporary artist team in London. I have commissioned 6 pieces that just arrived in my showroom in Los Angeles.

The artist..

Diana Kingsley & Malcolm Chandler

Diana – “Born in Simla, India. Studied during the 60’s at the Regents st. Polytechnic under Laurence Gowing, Frank Auerbach, and Francis Hoyland. Later at the London school of Printing. Worked in Advertising, graphic design and interior design. Painter of mainly abstract forms and landscape. Currently living in London.”

Malcolm – “Born in London in 1944. After Studying art and a career n advertising and illustration, Chandler became a restorer of old masters for museums, universities, and private collections. Chandler went on to explore a form of expression in abstract paintings applying everything that had been learned in his early career. This shift afforded Chandler the freedom to discard everything in an unpremeditated search for the creative image. His work is limited to private commissions throughout England and Europe. Chandler resides in London with his artist wife, Diana Kingsley.”

Below are some vintage abstract paintings (circa 1920) from a celebrated Italian artist that I discovered while on a buying trip in Milan.

Rachele Zanchi paintings.

To see the work in our inventory click here.


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