Redesigning A Manhattan Apartment

Recent story in Architectural Digest examines the renovtion of Nate Berkus’s apartment in New York.

With the amount of reading one does in the design business, it is important to have a reliable yet beautiful bookcase to act as a venue for the collection of novels and magazines collected over time.

 In the LA showroom is a Swedish Circa 1860’s bookcase with a projected cornice, glass doors, and lowered paneled doors.

“There are certain details I obsessed over,” says the designer, citing such upgrades as antique marble mantels, bronze radiator grilles, and vintage Belgian hardware as products of his double-Virgo tunnel vision. “But I’m not the guy walking around with a flashlight, checking to see if there are dings in the wood. I believe a home should be lived in.” -Nate Berkus

Metal racks are used as a pair to work as shelving along with adding height and texture to  the main family room. With the addition of industrial shelving, the space is given a more individualistic identity. More importantly than the shelving itself of course, is accessorizing.

English Circa 1900’s metal rack can be seen in the STASH Warehouse.

To view the rest of the article visit Architectural Digest


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