Top Designers of Hollywood

In the recent Hollywood Reporter, they showcase the opening night “Design Hollywood at the Century”

The list of designers include talented individuals with a style of their own. A few being Jane Hallworth, Trip Haenisch, Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe of Nickey Kehoe along with several other designers who also happen to be customers.

Jane Hallworth chose dandy Beau Brummel, who invented the modern men’s suit, as the inspiration behind her “thinking man’s den” in THR’s showhouse is telling for this designer and gallery owner. (She names James Franco as a Brummel for today.) She creates maximum impact through her use of saturated hues and “a few great pieces that are particular to each person.”


A nice touch is added with the charcoal male nude from the LA Showroom. (AY238)

Ask Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe of Nickey Kehoe to describe the process behind the “earthy elegance” that informs their mix of classic and California modernist, and you’d swear you were talking to a couple of studio creative executives. Says Nickey: “We really work hard with people to create their narrative. We’re like editors.”


The seamless mix of texture, shape and color speaks to an existence that will seem lighter, brighter and cooler than your own — all while feeling perfectly natural and unforced. “I once traveled with a famous costume designer who took forever to get ready. When he emerged, he looked fantastic but like he’d done very little,” says Trip Haenisch.


To see the rest of the designers and their rooms visit Design Hollywood At The Century Center. Tickets available here.


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