Enchanted Castles

This Channel fashion show glamorously captures the enchantment I experience on buying trips through the United Kingdom and Europe in the winter. Whether I buy from ancient castles or buy things that came from ancient castles, manor houses or villas, it is always fun to imagine the enchanting history behind my finds as they find new homes.  We just unpacked a container of over 400 items from my most recent buying trip at STASH.  You can view the items at www.leestanton.com

Lee Stanton antiques artwork - 16c

Lee Stanton antiques artwork - 25

Castle of ‘s-Gravensezel, the 50 room castle near Antwerp  that is now the home of Axel and May Vervoordt.

Lee Stanton antiques artwork - 51c2

Architecture of Bath with views of manor houses  in the countryside around Bath, England.


(AZ121) A stately chair probably from a entrance foyer or hall

IMG_7015              IMG_7008

(AZ100) Candlesticks used by staff  as they walked the halls at night


(AZ124) Can’t you picture this ship in case proudly displayed on the shelves in a library at a manor house or castle?


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