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Recently I was looking through W Magazine when I came across this article featuring Michael Werner a native Berliner, celebrating his 50 years as a contemporary art dealer.

arss-michael-werner-art-dealer-01-h Mr. Werner is known for representing some of the most contemporary and imaginative artists including Hurvin Anderson, Enrico David, and Per KirKeby just to mention a few. Each piece tells a story leading one’s mind into a realm of color, obscurity and stunning aesthetics. What I was not expecting was the historic German Castle Werner calls home.


“If Werner’s collection offers a window into Werner’s mind, his estate in Germany provides a complete map of it. The property is like a mini village, centered around a main house that began as a baroque mansion and was fashioned into a neo-Gothic castle by a plant taxonomist called Count Fritz von Schwerin. After the count died, in the 1930s, the house sat empty while the English gardens turned into a kind of Mittel-European jungle—one that Werner has been gradually taming over the past 10 years.” –Christopher Bagley


One can just image the research done in a magnificent library such as this. The room posses ceiling high book cases filled with art catalogues and historical text. With so much reading to be done in such a beautiful space, one would need the perfect library chair.


(Left) Dutch 1880 bookcase AZ47, (Right) Sweden Circa 1920 leather chair AX95.

“None of the main house’s airy salons are crammed with art. Instead, Werner has on view a rotating assortment of paintings, Empire furniture, Murano lamps, and African antiques he has assembled from dealers, auctions, and markets.”


One of Werner’s sitting rooms with a few furnishings, a pair of upholstered benches and a Lüpertz’s Nach Poussin, 1989.


Engligh circa 1860’s pair of ebonzied benches from masonic lodge. AW118


“Werner is most content on his own property, in Germany, where he can curate and re-curate his surroundings exactly as he wishes. Even after the massive donation and loan to the Musée d’Art Moderne, there remains plenty of art left in his storage rooms.”

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