Gentlemen’s Fitting Room

In New York a tailored suit is the equivalent of a luxurious car on the Los Angles streets. A finely cut suit is able to disguise the imperfections around the waist while accentuating the broad shoulders and powerful image of the man. In New York the company Freeman’s Sporting Club focuses on the philosophy of “made local, buy local”. The Sporting Club cuts and tailors their suits in the USA keeping it “local” but with a sophistication and quality reminiscent of London’s Savile Row.  700_freemans-benchmade-sofa

The fitting room of tailor house and retail store Freeman’s Sporting Club.


England circa 1840 side oak table (AX188), England circa 1840 chesterfield sofa (AZ166)

A good fitting room should represent the heart of the clothing designer. If it is a classic elegance that the clothing represents than let the room reflect the same classic elegance. If the style is more urban chic, than let there be some more playful elements to fill the space to emanate the context that the clothes are designed for. 700_bespoke-studio

Freeman’s fitting room has great pieces including the tall mirror and pair of tufted chairs for viewing a variety of suits.

Picture 1AT25France circa 1950 tufted leather armchairs (AZ1), France circa 1830 gilt mirror (AT25)


The Tailoring

The process requires four fittings—including a muslin fitting—over the course of 4-6 weeks. The result is a fully custom, hand-canvassed suit that offers the fit and ease of movement that can only come from a suit made precisely for you. The pinnacle of hand-crafted clothing.

Visit Freeman Sporting Club’s website here.

To view more inventory visit


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