A Milanese Collector

Picture 13

Umberto Pasti’s apartment in Milan, Italy consists of a collection of books, paintings, Neolithic, Paleolithic artifacts, flea market finds and many other oddities from around the world. A rare collection of islamic porcelain, african tribal art and roman marble line the walls and hallways giving the living space a style that any anthropologist would be jealous of. However after looking at the flat one notice’s the weight that thousands of books have slowly been destroying the apartment’s foundation. Years or history, wisdom and art slowly destroying a living space. Fortunately they were able to bring in a close friend and engineer to help solidify the foundation before any structural damage occurred.

Picture 18Picture 17

The artwork and accessories around the flat reflect the eccentric and cultural side of Umberto’s personal taste. Notice the wooden African head sculptures in the left photo.

AZ157A AZ157B

Germany circa 1840 set of wooden heads (AZ157)


England circa 1900 upholstered oak chair (AY81), France circa 1800 walnut occasional table (AX169)

Picture 24 Picture 23

“For us these collection have been  and are  even if in different ways, access into a new world. which over the years have become our own.”

AY51 AL212

England circa 1900 four leather books (AY51), England circa 1890 bookshelf (AL212)


England circa 1820 partner desk in mahogany (AF7)

Picture 15

” We have almost never had access to large sums of money to enrich these collections, which are the result of chance discoveries, trips, encounters with Kurdish guerrilla fighters, with indigenous South Americans, with unlikely antiquarians, as well as exchanges with other travelers.”


Sweden circa 1870 plaster torso (AZ170), France circa 1940 plaster sculpture (AY148)


Italy circa 1938 male nude painting by Falfavino (AS71)

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To view more inventory visit leestanton.com


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