Brokeback Manor

Interior designer Paul Siskin unveils his Brokeback Manor in New York’s Hudson Valley.
409166-A_36_inch_wide_rock_border_runs_around_the_perimeter_of_the_house_setting_it_off_from_the_terraced_lawn_Photography_by_EricPaul Siskin hadn’t intended to give a name to his new house in Hudson, New York. But when he found a suitable site in 2005, the movie Brokeback Mountain was enjoying a huge success, and since the 4-acre lot sits atop a ridge in a residential enclave that’s largely gay and lesbian, the property inevitably became known as Brokeback Manor.


The kitchen is wonderfully minimal with creative candlesticks and glass beakers for added layers.

AZ14B AZ10

France circa 1890 set of glass beakers (AZ10)

IMG_7011 IMG_7013 IMG_7016

France circa 1880 wine candlesticks (AZ100)409162-In_the_limestone_floored_master_bathroom_an_antique_wall_clock_has_been_converted_into_a_medicine_cabinet_Photography_by_Eric

The second half of the bathroom consists of transparent glass, a rounded mirror with a  white marble backsplash. Paul carefully picked a dark wall mounter grandfather clock giving a stark contrast to the rest of the interior.


France circa 1860 cherry clock (AZ104), Belgium circa 1880 convex mirror (AZ46)

409423-ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE_ 409152-The_library_s_bookshelves_are_mahogany_Photography_by_Eric_Laignel_

The library in Paul’s New York estate consists of historic novels, design and architectural journals, paired with antique accessories from recent travels giving the room a collectors tone.

AZ157CScreen shot 2013-01-17 at 6.29.48 PM

Germany circa 1840 wooden head (AZ157), England circa 1880 books (AZ149)


As happy as Paul is with the beautifully integrated architectural spaces Joan from Chan and Mohney Architecture, has given him, it is Brokeback Manor’s furnishings that give Paul the most pleasure. Over the years, he’s acquired roomfuls of furniture, objects, and art, most of which were in storage waiting for a new home.

To read the rest of the article from Interior Design here.

You can view more inventory at


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