In the Blue Mountains


Will Merill’s house in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a combination of rustic and sophistication in the February issue of House Beautiful. The family room carefully pieced together with English twisted candlesticks, wooden furniture along with a mix of old master like portraits and Cubist art.

AY190 AX58

England circa 1860 and 1870 2 pairs of twisted candlesticks (AY190) and (AX58)



A coromandel screen extends behind the Directoire-style daybed in the guest bedroom, Which merrill painted black. “It’s the most city-like room in the house. I love it.” A floor lamps sits above the head of the bed for late night reading.


France circa 1900’s framed panels of Air France (AY221)

(The panels would make a great coromandel screen)

A once carport is transformed into a large patio decorated with antique mirrors and unique garden accessories Love the beautiful iron finials.

AV124 AV55

France circa 1930 pair of palladian arched mirrors (AV124), England circa 1880 pair of iron finials (AV55)


The stairs are done in Shaw’s Cheetah along with a serpentine handrail. The walls are  decorated with several beautiful tramp art frames inserted with mirrors.

AZ112 AZ113 AZ114

France circa 1880 collection of tramp art frames and mirrors can be seen here.


While in Rome Merrill discovered some early 20th century Scandinavian herbarium that he used to decorate one of the guest rooms. Paired with the dried plants is a grid upholstered wingback chair and wood backed smaller chair.

W42B3 France circa 1826 set of 4 framed herbarium (W42B2)

AX16 U197_2

France circa 1880 pair of chairs (AX16), France circa 1785 pair of louis XVI chairs (U197)

You can read the rest of the article in the February issue of House Beautiful.

You can view the rest of our inventory at


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