LA Showroom

2013-02-23 23.31.43A collection of trophies, England early 1900’s seen here, Painted urns, England circa 1860, converted into a pair of desk lamps (AW66), A male nude painting, Italy 1938 (AS71), rests against the wall.

2013-02-23 23.29.30 2013-02-23 23.15.07-3England circa 1820 rosewood jewel box (AV64), Iron lion medallion (AT149), As well as a pair of black candlesticks, France 1880 (AX73), sit behind the medallion, A collection of tazzas from France and Italy, can be viewed here, A pair of serpentine vases, England 1860 (AZ180), sit behind the tazzas.  2013-02-23 22.45.57A windy seascape painting of Cape Ann seen here, hanging behind a pair of wood carved capitals, France circa 1880, converted into lamps (AZ39), A collection of stone finials and sculptures, England circa 1860 (AY89I), rest in the center of the desk.


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