Light Work

Picture 1

An old silkworm factory is revamped into a spacious, airy home full of light and simplicity. However the home is not just a living space for Andrea Falkner Campi and her husband. The couple also runs their publishing business for Barbanera, an old Italian farmers almanac, out of the same space. The almanac has grown into a lifestyle in Italy, a cult some say, that provides rural lifestyle ideas from 100 years ago but in a modern way. Today’s issues discuss lunar calendars, historical anecdotes, helpful hints for the home, recipe testing, beer brewing and olive oil pressing.

Picture 4 Picture 3

The couple were honest about the design, “We are definitely not minimalist”, requiring a palette of white and wood pairing. The loft is a cozy spot for relaxing in the pair of oversized upholstered arm chairs. The living room downstairs is airy and open with a fun railway trolley coffee table and accessories.

AX85 AW190

England circa 1880 pair of upholstered chairs (AX85), France circa 1890 industrial style wood plank coffee table (AW190)

Picture 5

There is an Italian word, leggera, which means soft, easy light, not heavy, and that’s what Andrea wanted. The upper floor wraps around the the center of the home allowing for a complete view of the downstairs dining table and living room. There are beautiful oversized black pots that sit on each side of the walkway. Two metal chairs rest against each wall giving off a sense of simplicity, more decoration than function.

AZ103A AZ103B AZ103D AZ103C

China circa 1880  collection of black ceramic pots (AZ103)

Picture 2 Picture 6

The dining room consists of a long single wood carved table, paired with a random collection of dining chairs of different materials. The is also an intimate metal table off to the side for breakfast or a quick snack. Also there are a few dark bowls on the table that should be appreciated. The upstairs displays Moroccan floor tiles with a large industrial clock. All the colors are muted and appear very soft which allows a subtle environment.


Sweden circa 1820 set of dining chairs (AZ140), France circa 1940 steel table. (AW179)


France circa 1860 square iron clock (AW68), China circa 1880 ceramic pots (AZ107a)

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