LA Showroom

lee stanton ipad

Set of wooden bowls, Italy 1890 (AZ99C), wooden boat, Belgium 1800 (AZ55),  inlaid checker box, England 1860 (AT47), box with brass decoration, France 1860 (AY214) barley twist candlesticks, England 1870 (AX58).

lee stanton ipad 2

Pair of ceramic pots, china 1880 (AZ107A), serpentine candlestick, England 1860 (AZ174C), arts and crafts urn, France 1900 (AY108B).


Metal basket with 36 wooden balls, England 1900 (AY104), scissor table in iron on wheels, Germany 1930 (AY153), guillerme and chambron table in embonized oak, France 1950      (AY112), set of 6 dining chairs, France 1900 (AW248).


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