A Studio In Brussels

Picture 7The studio of Christophe Decarpentrie and Abel Naessens set in the Ixelles district of Brussels has the charm of a rustic cloister. The 2 designers having built the property from scratch not to recently, have managed to give age and charm to the space, creating a studio to match their exciting personalities. The large 19th century horse makes a great statement, which was once used in Britain to display saddles. Love the marble pedestal with the ebonzied sculptures of wrestlers and the large armoire in the back of the studio.

AZ188 AY233

England circa 1860, A horse racing game on stand (AZ188), Italy circa 1880, armoire in walnut (AY233)Picture 8

Christophe’s desk sits facing the 1920’s windows looking into the deep green garden. The English stone urn in a large detailed piece catching the eye of anyone passing by. A nice pastel wood and upholstered chair is coupled with the urn and pedestal keeping a continuity of light color.

 W17 AW183

France circa 1830 painted marble urn (W17), France circa 1940 metal and wood drafting table (AW183)

Picture 10

The meeting room for accepting clients is decorated with a collection of upholstered bamboo chairs around a 19th century table. The fireplace dates to 1945 and a copy of an 18th century Flemish chandelier sits hangs above the sitting area. A pair of large wooden columns converted into floor lamps guard the oversized bookcase boasting an impressive resume of textiles, deigns, and layouts.

Picture 2AL212

France circa 1900 pair of wooden columns (AY125), England circa 1890 bookcase (AL212)Picture 11Along with his volubility, vitality and limitless creativity, Christophe admits “I am something of a firework” he also inherited a fondness for furniture. Abel will hang fabric in front of his desk for whichever project he’s currently working on. The desk is beautiful paired with an arm-chair with a grey upholstered seat. The mixture of seating shows the verity of ages that Abel collects. Never allowing an 18th century piece to be placed in storage,” it is very distressing” the couple says to see the younger generation throw inheritance into storage. A large 18th bookshelf centers the room, to the left of it hangs a Neo-Gothic mirror.

U197 SS142 - Version 2

France circa 1785 pair of Louis XVI fauteuils (U197), Sweden circa 1800 carved gilt frame mirror. (SS142)

Story by World of Interiors April issue.

You can view more inventory at leestanton.com


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