From Fabrics to Antiques

Picture 21

World of Interiors March issue features a line of fabrics from affluent designers such as Ralph LaurenRobert Allen and William Yeoward. However it’s not the fabrics that caught our eye, but the antiques used to display them. The plaster sculptures vary on detail, time period, and region, from Greek deities, to beautiful Roman Julio-Claudian pieces, the busts due a wonderful job of accenting the unique fabrics.

AZ170 AY148

Sweden Circa 1860 plaster torso (AZ170),  France circa 1940 plaster sculpture (AY148)


Picture 22

The second display shows an artist’s stool paired with a finished portrait.


England circa 1880 pair of oak stools (AX20), U.S. circa 1960 oil portrait (U1062012)

Picture 23The final room is a collection of artist easels with fabric stretched over different canvases. Also a large iron book press sits up in the right corner.

  AY175 AS61

France circa 1890 artist easel (AY175), Italy circa 1900 book press (AS61)

To see more inventory visit



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