Book Review

Hollister Hovey is the creator of the history-laden lifestyle blog, “Hollister Hovey.Porter Hovey is a photographer and interior decorator. They are the founders of Hovey Design. Their nostalgia-highlighting aesthetic has been featured multiple times in the New York Times, as well as in House Beautiful, Domino, and Design Sponge.30prewar_600

A look inside the homes of today’s stylish new “heirloomists.” Proclaimed as “the New Antiquarians” in the New York Times, Hollister and Porter Hovey are proponents of an aesthetic that puts Ralph Lauren, the Royal Tennenbaums, and a whole lot of taxidermy into a tarnished silver cocktail shaker and mixes it all up.Hollister Hovey Porter Hovey Heirloom Modern Cover Rizzoli 1_porter

This book opens up the homes of individuals and couples to show how they use décor to give their residences a sense of history and autobiography. The Hoveys venture into the apartments, cottages, and townhouses of artists, architects, designers, furniture makers, and landscape designers, who seamlessly integrate inherited keepsakes, tag sale curiosities, collections and memorabilia, and contemporary art. Inspiring in its eclecticism, this book introduces readers to a new kind of modern.
You can pick up a copy of Heirloom Modern on amazon.

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