A Belgian Dinner

Last night while looking through these photos, I was reminded about the first Belgium home I was invited into for dinner. Unlike this home, it was unfinished because the couple had just purchased the property and was in the process of remodeling. walda-pairon-dining-room-2AZ164U11312A   England circa 1740 refectory table (AZ164), U.S. circa 1930 silver plated coffee set (U11312A)

700_walda-pairon-2When I arrived to the house I was taken back by the bohemian nature of their lives. I walk into a beautiful 18th century town home, with a narrow walkway and ceilings that towered average american homes. Because the dealer was in the process of remodeling the house, the kitchen was the only real habitable space, where we dined over a simple meal of pasta, salad and wine. walda-pairon-10AY179A N164

Belgium circa 1880 pair of high back upholstered chairs (AY179) France circa 1840 folding chair (N164)

 I was then given a tour of their home, each room with colorful patina wall paper, an ash stained fireplace, raw wood floors, and dust-covered antique furniture finally to top it all, the entire house was lit by candlelight. Even though most rooms were dirty and unfinished, there seemed to be a certain nonconformist feel to the space allowing for a romance I normally don’t experience. 700_walda-pairon-9-1The dinner was delicious and the conversation intimate, and to top it all off we indulged in the sharing of a simple Belgian chocolate bar with an espresso. In that moment, I noticed that life does not always have to be “go, go, go”. This couple gave my senses the opportunity to come alive.  I fell in love with the European lifestyle, where a simple plate of pasta, some chocolate and a quite conversation by candlelight is all I needed to feel right at home.

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Images from Remodelista


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