Portrait Of An Easel

staffelei_1    The repeatedly employed motif of the easel, a requisite of the traditional painter, delivers the beholder into the intimate atmosphere of the artist’s studio. The room is as though abandoned. Only the massive wooden framework, supporting paintings in progress which refuse to reveal their secrets, points toward the presence of the artist.

staffelei_2 Nikolai Makarov is a russian born artist and photographer. Nikolai  grew up in Moscow and attended Institute of Foreign Languages earning a Bachelors in Fine Art. He then went on to work in studios and art houses until making his move to Berlin in 1975. After moving to the art center of Germany he studied at Humboldt University.  Then finally attended Academy of Arts, where he was a  student of Werner Kiemke, Berlin,  and Rudolf Hausner, Vienna. staffelei_3 Nikaloi has exhibited around the world from New York to Napoli displaying his unique style of portraits and still life.


AY175 AZ73

France circa 1890 wooden easel (AY175), Belgium circa 1890 collection of 6 painting pallets (AZ73)

To view more inventory visit leestanton.com


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