Life Drawing

Picture 3

The notion of attending a life-drawing class can on the face of it, seem rather old-fashioned – something you might have done in art class at school, but haven’t considered since. But this very traditional skill is experiencing a revival – not just among professional artists, but also with amateurs in search of a creative hobby, spurred on perhaps by contemporary exponents of the nude artwork such as Lucian Freud and Tracey Emin.

There are a few locations around the greater Los Angeles area that has been hosting figure drawing classes. Melrose Light Space hosts drawing classes on Sundays from 11am-2pm, as well as Kline Academy of Fine Art which hosts classes ranging from fine art to life figure drawings.

AY232A AY232BItaly Circa 1908 charcoal drawings of males in nude. singed by Landini in modern custom matt and frame. (AY232)

AY238bAY238France circa 1910 pair of charcoal drawings of a seated male nudes in modern frame. (AY238)

AK85_2 AK85_3Italy circa 1880 pair of beautifully executed charcoal nude drawings. (AK85C)

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