Stairway To Another Place…

item10.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.lee-stanton-20-laguna-beach-antiques-spiral-staircase-extraMany of you asked about the staircase and guest loft in my home that was mentioned in the October issue of Architectural Digest.  The staircase is early 19th century from Paris.  It leads to the guest loft.  I am accused of installing this narrow staircase to assure that no one can overstay their welcome because only a small suitcase fits up the staircase!  The metamorphic chair unfolds to a ladder which comes in handy to reach the wine on the upper shelves of the wine closet behind. The bust on the floor is of Brutus. Does anyone know who the bust is of on the top of the Regency plinth which happens to store the leaves for dining table in the adjoining room?
Once you make it up to the guest loft, you can get away in campaign style with the ceiling and walls upholstered in linen and the floors of seagrass.  Most of the furniture is campaign furniture which the British aristocracy traveled with to far away places. The walls are covered with framed, hand written deeds on vellum of property in British colonies. If you have been into my showroom, you know that I have a thing for 19th and early 20th century globes. I find it fascinating to note how the world has changed over past centuries.
If you missed the feature in the October issue of Architectural Digest or would like to see additional images of my home, please visit here.
Visit to see more antique inventory.

2 thoughts on “Stairway To Another Place…

  1. Your piece in the October issue is my all time favorite featured in AD and that is 25 year’s worth. The antique clock over the stove is truly amazing!!!

    Valerie Gondrezick

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