Motion Carried

Picture 1Tino Zervudachi‘s vacation retreat in Hydra is featured in World of Interiors November issue, and by the work put into the home, it deserves to be. What was once a Bavarian shooting lodge constructed in the 1960’s made of dark brown interiors has since been transformed into a traditional Athenian inspired vacation retreat.

AX74X65  England circa 1840 pair of cane lounge chairs (AX74), England circa 1895 pair of copper lanterns (X65)

Picture 2One of the problems Tino faced was the limited access of transporting supplies. There were no cars allowed on the entire island therefore moving materials was nearly impossible. “Everything had to be brought up by donkey, which in that case meant 150 steps from the port, up three stone stair cases” says Tino.

TT5WItaly circa 1790 lantern with metal vines (TT5W)

Picture 3 Tino has been enraptured by the Mediterranean since he was a child. He used to visit his grandfather who lived in Egypt – a watercolor in one of the guest bedrooms depicts the different kinds on mangos grown on the family property.

AZ164B51DEngland circa 1740 refectory table (AZ164), England circa 1880 metal Jielde lamp (B51A)Picture 4B136Picture 5

France circa 1820 vineyard table (B136), France circa 1900 pair of glass bottles (AY149)

Pick up the November issue of World of Interiors to read the entire article.

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