A Venetian Party


Louis Vuitton has launched its end-of-the-year advertising campaign starring music icon David Bowie and model Arizona Muse. The short film is the second part of the ‘‘L’Invitation au Voyage’’ series which follows Arizona Museas the Louis Vuitton Woman in her remarkable travels around the world.

The short film features the magnificent city of Venice in the Renaissance Era, the setting is an eccentric masquerade ball featuring modern and classic style of dress, makeup and accessories. As the party continues so does the imagination of the director, the viewers dive deeper into the dream like world, taking in the glamorous Venetian city and its vibrant nightlife.  1-louis-vuitton-invitation-voyage-bowie-muse-gavras-yatzer 8-louis-vuitton-invitation-voyage-bowie-muse-gavras-yatzer 2-louis-vuitton-invitation-voyage-bowie-muse-gavras-yatzer

photo by David Sims, Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

The entire article can be viewed at yatzer.com

Visit leestanton.com to see Venetian style antiques.


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