Mix it Up


The 19th century mahogany breakfast table in the middle of this room provides a bit of warmth and character to a room otherwise furnished in cool metal and plastic furniture.  Aside from the contrast of age, the designer makes you really take note of his brave move by selecting  a well-worn table with lots of patina.  Whether it was planned or flippant and spontaneous, it is very effective making the room feel humble, nostalgic and comfortable.  Grab your favorite magazine, a croissant and a cup of coffee and enjoy the turn of the centuries!

Picture 3 B169

2 English circa 1840 breakfast tables in walnut with pedestal bases (B170),(B169)

image The same is true for this rustic table with its grey tones which adds a bit of texture to an otherwise colorful room.

B183 B51AEngland circa 1880 marble top table with bleached oak base (B183), France circa 1950 metal jielde lamp (B51a)B102France circa 1890 large pottery jar (B102)

Pick up Architectural Digest Espana for more of the article.

Visit leestanton.com to view more inventory.


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