Cabin Fever

photo-1I always relish the idea of spending the holidays in a charming rustic cabin over the holidays.  I imagine a fire burning in the fireplace, the smell of pine, the sight of snow through the frosted windows and of course being surrounded by humble, rustic and somewhat quirky hand-made furnishings that reflect the personality of their maker.
France circa 1900 wooden work bench (AZ12), France circa 1860 wooden rocking chair (AZ28), France circa 1850 extending wooden center table (AT126)
AY78 AY16A
England circa 1890 Lattice back tree limb garden bench (AY78), England circa 1890 wooden basket (AY16A)
image AW3AX189AY139
England circa 1860 wooden work table (AW3), Sweden circa 1890 faux painted chest of drawers (AX189), France circa 1880 large wooden bench (AY139)
Product_LES01348_Image_1 Z121
England circa 1860 coal scuttle (T219), England circa 1840 painted dresser mirror (Z121)
Look for part 2 of Cabin Fever by Elle Decor Dec. 2013 next week.
View more inventory at

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