More Cabin Fever


Hanging up your hat cabin style this holiday season.

AS54C AY19 AY29

France circa 1900 carving of Monte Carlo (AS54C), England circa 1860 hanging coat rack (AY19), England circa 1880 painted toy train (AY29)


England circa 1860 painted fireplace mantle (AP161), England circa 1840 oak framed concave mirror (AF5)

photoAY42 AR58AY57BEngland circa 1890 collecting basket (AY42), France circa 1800 pair of baulstrade lamps (AR58), England circa 1900 wooden basket (AY57B)


France circa 1700 secretaire with barely twist columns and enclosed mirror (U61042), England circa 1850 bleached wood work bench (AY37)

B95B AT99 B40France circa 1880 trunk sculpture (B95B), England circa 1860 ship diorama (AY99), France circa 1890 rope on a stand (B40)


France circa 1900 painted cabinet in green (B22) France circa 1900 jardiniere from antlers (AZ33)

B155England circa 1870 bamboo corner chair (B155)

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