Cozy Cottage


Escape from the hustle and bustle of modern living into a comfy cottage atmosphere.  If the humble and well worn furnishings don’t transport you to another place, the nostalgic accessories are sure to humble your soul. The painted furnishings keep it light and casual while the accessories offer a bit of humble character to the room. Designer John Derian did wonders with this apartment in the center of the big apple.
AZ29 B27
France circa 1850 painted chest of drawers (AZ29), France circa 1820 painted chest of drawers (B27)
B193 AX10 England circa 1840 painted chest of drawers on but feet (B193), England circa 1860 painted collectors cabinet with brass pulls (AX10)
France circa 1880 painted columns wired as lamps with shade (AX158A)


AX178 AX177 B66England circa 1870 diorama framed wood ship (AX178), England circa 1870 cork castle landscape (AX177), Belgium circa 1880 round bread board (B66)

AY19 R285

England circa 1880  hanging coat rack (AY19), Ireland circa 1820 hanging painted cupboard (R285)

AX185 Picture 3

England circa 1890 mahogany open face bookshelf (AX185), England circa 1860 set of 2 bread boards (AX65B)


France circa 1900 butcher block (B28)

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Photos by AD Espana


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