Display the Anchor

Bookcases and display cupboards anchor a room.  They provide scale and functionality allowing you to display your favorite objects.

image4The dark glass front piece contrasts nicely against the white walls providing scale to a high wall without  taking floor space and allowing the room to still feel open and the furnishes around to provide texture without feeling cluttered.  The tapestry chair contrasts nicely with the painted table and tree trunk stool  to provide a sculptural element to the space.


France circa 1880 pair of school cupboards (AZ125) Czech Republic circa 1880 painted bookcase (AZ47)

AZ31 AX125

Belgium circa 1880 red-painted bookcase (AZ31), England circa 1840 secretariat bookcase (AX125)


England circa 1780 country Hepplewhite bookcase in mahogany (AT104), England circa 1930 oak bookcase (AT8)

AY170 B95A  France circa 1760 tapestry upholstered arm-chair (AY170), France circa 1880 trunk sculpture (B95a)AY20England circa 1820 regency ebonized foot stool (AY20)

Picture 1

The designer in the photo below placed a well proportioned painted glass front cupboard off-center to define the space while giving the eclectic elements space to stand out and be appreciated as works of art

AY220 Z141

France circa 1940 pair of ebonized faux bamboo mirrors (AY220), England circa 1890 water-color painting (Z141)


England circa 1860 upholstered chaise lounge (B165), England circa 1890 artist stool (AS139)

View more inventory at leestanton.com

Photos courtesy of Elle Decor UK


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