Chemist Craze


Fashion is not the only industry that involves “Trend Spotting”. Beakers, test tubes and glass measuring equipment have been emerging into the interior design scene recently. Often substituting for decorative accessories and mixed drink apparatuses. Beakers and test tubes have been around since the early 1800’s used often by chemists, alchemists, perfumists, and doctors serving as purely scientific reasons.

AW177CAW177C AW167A AW167C AW167E AW167DAW167H

France circa 1900 chemist glass beakers of varying sizes and shapes (AW167)

Amber bottles were used for storing and protecting sensitive liquid from the light such as essential oils. Boutique coffee houses like Portola Coffee Lab have adopted the scientific items into the coffee-making process giving off a chemist vibe while waiting for your well crafted coffee.

header header-1France circa 1900 set of large siphons with stoppers (AY159), France circa 1900 set of 6 small siphons with stoppers (AY157)


England circa 1900 amber bottles with stoppers (AY27C), England circa 1940 set of glass bottles with stoppers (AY145)

Lately designers have been appreciating the qualities of the antique glass pieces and have been adopting them into design. We recently decided to take a perfumist’s distilling siphon  and convert them into table lamps.

header-3 header-2France circa 1900 glass siphon lamp with custom shade (AY159)

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