Gypsy Living

Picture 1If you are like me, you have at some time fantasized about a gypsy lifestyle that embraces the world around you without any rules or obligations.  Imagine letting go of all the things that don’t really matter and living with only the things you love with no other reason than you love them and they speak to you.  This New Yorker literally brought that concept home.  I guess you could call it freestyle living….collecting amazing objects from around the world no matter of their style, origin or what they cost and curating a space of your own that takes you on a personal journey from the comfort of your own home.  Each object takes you to a place, a moment in time or a soft spot in your heart. 

B18A B18B AW189A France circa 1900 two pairs of industrial stools (B18 A & B), France circa 1900 stool with metal base (AW189A)

B44 Product_LES01260_Image_1

France circa 1900 adjustable chair in wood and metal (B44), France circa 1920 wooden adjustable chair (AX185F)

AW160C copy 2

France circa 1900 white adjustable chairs (AW160Picture 2

The whimsical combination of strong vintage industrial era furnishings and cozy bespoke objects from centuries past reflects that personal, self-indulgent style that is not only respectful but also inspiring.


France circa 1910 charcoal nude in modern frame (AY238B), England circa 1860 pair of maps of Oxford and Cambridge (U010506)


Japan circa 1880 wicker vase (AY180)

Picture 3

AV46 B116

England circa 1880 Edwardian chair (AV46), Belgium circa 1900 leather sofa studded (B116)

Picture 4

AY37B66England circa 1850 work bench (AY37), England circa 1880 bread board (B66)Picture 5

AZ105 Z39

China circa 1890 lacquered table (AZ105), England circa 1890 brass hanging lamp (Z39)

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