Heart In Harlem

Picture 1The Cardigans singer Nina Persson and husband move into a brownstone in Harlem New York incorporating antiques and eclectic finds.

Picture 3M99gallery_ALTEngland circa 1840 walnut mirror (M99), England circa 1880 railway table (AO108).

AZ11AZ140France circa 1880 pair of tramp art mirrors (AZ11), Sweden circa 1820 set of 6 chairs (AZ140)

Picture 7

When asked about whats important about creating a home, Nina emphasizes substance and identity. Using collected original treasures to give the home its own unique voice. Reading up on the history of the brownstone home, they would visit a construction recycling company that salvages torn down and rehabbed Harlem houses.

B142ALSC11England circa 1870 adjustable nickel and teak lamp (B142A), An English “Editions” custom sofa upholstered in Belgian linen (LSC11)


Belgium circa 1900 painting of Antwerp (B94), France circa 1900 modern painting (B128)

To view the entire article pick up the June issue of Elle Decor UK

View more inventory at leestanton.com


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