Bed and Breakfast for a Collector.

Tucked away in the town of Knokke Belgium is a B&B like no other. A place where you can sleep, eat, and buy all in the comfort of a beautiful house. Featured in Yatzer this month is the B&B by Bea Mombaers, a designer and collector. The beautiful design and charm of the home is not the only surprise for visitors. If someone happens to fall in love with a piece of furniture, they can take it home. Yes, all the furniture in the house is for sale. Basically a showroom that you can live in.

” As Bea constantly brings new objects from her travels in, the hotel’s furniture and decoration changes regularly, meaning that each visit to Bea’s B&B ensures for a different interior. Guests have a choice of three bedrooms (preferably the serene master bedroom upstairs with its concrete bathtub), and can enjoy delicious breakfasts either in the kitchen or in the garden next to the pool. Bea’s website also provides suggestions and tips as to where to dine and what to see in the surrounding area.”

Words by Yatzer

7_Bea_Mombaers_bb_items_yatzer 9_Bea_Mombaers_bb_items_yatzer

2014 has been a year of new trends, blending showrooms with living spaces. The Apartment by Line is a showroom on SoHo’s Greene Street, NYC, designed as an apartment where buyers and browse and entertain. Thus lending ideas to potential clients and friends how one can decorate with the items from their showroom.

2014 has been a good yearn but 2015 is going to be better. Get out and travel, and if you find yourself in Belgium, make sure to book a night at Bea’s B&B. Maybe you will come home with a unique piece or two.

View Bea’s B&B

View The Apartment by the Line

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