South African Deco

The Former editor of Elle Decoration South Africa lays down roots in an Art Deco loft with an infusion of antiquity.

AO11England circa 1820 apothecary cabinet (AO11),U041908A England circa 1900 folding chair in maple (u041908a)

Laureen Rossouw bought a converted office space 10 years ago in Cape Town South Africa in the Business District, all her friends thought she was crazy at the time. With her husband, they slowly changed the anatomy of the building, as Laureen describes “Wanting to create the sense of an old fashioned waiting room in a train station”. A unique look and a difficult one. A favorite possession of hers is a vintage early 1900’s train station clock fixed to the side of a bookcase. Over time she has been able to collect vintage and antique pieces to infuse in the art deco structured apartment. Harmonizing the both styles in a way to complement one another, antique stools and books mixed with a 70’s deco side board and sofa.

Laureen’s home is a great example of how one can mix antiques with a style on the other end of the spectrum and still accomplish a sophisticated look while carefully implementing her own personality.


France circa 1880 upholstered top stool (BA170), France circa 1930 metal bookcase (BA182)

Read the entire article in the April issue of Elle Decoration UK

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