The Night Before

T’was the night before a buying trip and our minds were racing.

The thought of tables, lamps and chairs kept us pacing.

The joy of us rushing from city to city,

would surely keep our contacts busy.

As we make a list of the objects we desire,

Our sources search the vast empire,

They prep and polish the furniture with care,

In hopes that Lee Stanton would soon be there.

As we proceed on our journey in the airline beds,

Visions of antique accessories danced in our heads.

We make our rounds and inspect the goods

Assembling a collection made from the finest woods.

We nod our heads to the best of the lot,

While our clients await for the great things we bought.

We give our shippers a whistle as we spring to our flight.

Looking forward to the goods that will meet with delight.

As homes are meticulously decorated from ceiling to floor,

The best that we offer flies out the front door.

Follow us on the buying trip through instagram – @leestantonla


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