A Contemporary Feast

The buying trip has been anything but boring. Coming across beautiful pieces ranging from 16th cent. tapestries to art deco sofas. The trip is almost over and cannot wait to share what we have found. To draw from some inspiration of mixing classical antiquity with modern design, check out the exhibition “Make yourself comfortable at Chatsworth” hosted by The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

Wallpaper Magazine gives us a sneak preview. Words by Wallpaper Magazine :

‘Through this exhibition we are trying to share with visitors our experience of the place and the reality of it,’ says Hannah Obee, who for 12 years has been working as the curator of Chatsworth. ‘It is not just a stately home, but a layered collection of contemporary arts.’ The Cavendish family has over the centuries been keen to collect contemporary art and objects, so the house’s displays range from 18th and 19th century British and French painting and frescos to a collection of paintings by Lucian Freud, site-specific installations and objects that vary from stones and quartz to contemporary ceramics.  

Information : ‘Make Yourself Comfortable’ at Chatsworth runs beetween 28 March – 23 October 2015; www.chatsworth.org

Read the entire article on wallpaper magazine here

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