In Residence

Story By Nowness of a Milanese Designer

“More than just a home, the Italian designer’s Milan base is a family legacy

Located in Città Studi, Barnaba Fornasetti’s Milanese home is, in his own words, “a house, a workshop, an archive and a museum,” which preserves the work of Barnaba and his late father, Piero Fornasetti – two of Italy’s most prolific designers. In 1988 Barnaba took over the business of furniture and ceramics design that his father founded in the 1930s, adding to editions of the family’s most famous pieces new works depicting hypnotic landscapes, optical illusions and variations of iconic lunar faces on plates, vases, textiles and furniture.

“This place is a house, a workshop, an archive and a museum”

Fornasetti’s home is intrinsically linked to family heritage. His grandfather built the first structure in the late 19th century, when the area was a rural suburb. A generous garden with hydrangeas and apricot and persimmon trees opens up to reveal the two-floor building where Barnaba works and lives. After relocating to Tuscany for several years, Barnaba returned to the house in the 1980s, after his father had passed away. He redesigned the interior, but kept the whimsical spirit of the property intact.

Housing an extraordinary collection of art, ceramics, sketches, books, records and curiosities amassed throughout the years, the first-floor library is the spiritual core of the house. Equipped with a sound system and disco lights discreetly tucked away between the books, this is where Barnaba, an avid music lover and researcher, DJs for his guests.”

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