IMG_8978A board game now and then never hurt anybody.

One of the most recognized boardgames is the challenging game of chess. Originating in India during the 6th century AD, it soon made it’s way to the west through southern Spain. It wasn’t long before chess took place as one of the most popular board games second only to backgammon in western Europe.

Draughts or Checkers as known in the States is a simpler game that has been around since the 5th century. A similar game discovered during an excavation in Egypt by a British archeologist Sir Gardner Wilkinson . Actually draughts is what lead to the development of chess in India. The game has evolved over time popular in several countries. The games have always had a formal set of rules but varied slightly depending on the region and time period. Today checkers is a simple and easy to understand game that is enjoyed by many.

So next time you’re looking for a unique piece remember the history of these board games.

 aw69 AP112 England circa 1820 inlaid checker board (AW69), France circa 1890 chess board (AP112)

AT47 B75England circa 1860 inlaid checker box (AT47), England circa 1860 wood inlaid chess set (B75)

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