Editorial Inspiration

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An original antique workbench is shown in a family’s Puglia home featured in AD Italia


England circa 1850 workbench in bleached wood. (AY37)

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The Showroom


A corner of the showroom featuring Spanish pottery, architectural column lamps, and botanical artwork.


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One Of A Kind Windows

This year’s Legends event has been a whirlwind of excitement and non-stop entertainment, not to mention the window designs are better than ever. The theme for this year is “One of a Kind”, and our windows could not have turned out better, thanks to Robert Stilin, and Nate Berkus.


Robert uses contemporary art to complement the antique furniture. A perfect reading corner for a one of a kind art lover.


Nate utilizes antique furniture from France, Spain, and Italy to set an intimate scene of as if one was looking though a door into someone’s well curated home.

Make sure to see all the windows during Legends by visiting lcdqla.com and vote for your favorite design.

Photography by: Grey Crawford

Taking Cues from the Best!

We all know and love Susanna Salk’s books but her latest one is my favorites.  Selecting favorite rooms from more than fifty renowned designers including some of my favorite clients such as  Bunny Williams, Charlotte Moss, Robert Stilin, Madeline Stuart, Nate Berkus, Darryl Carter, Malcolm James Kutner, David Kleinberg, Diamond and Baratta, Thomas Beeton, Eric Cohler, Alessandra Branca, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Martyn-Lawrence Bullard, Suzanne Rheinstein, Peter Dunham, Thom Filicia, and Mary McDonald, Susanna Salk offers insightful advice on how to apply basic design principles to interiors.  Salk walks through the process of great design, illustrating how the featured designers made the decisions they did to make these rooms look so great. The book’s encouraging, conversational tone, practical tips and ideas, and quotes by the designers themselves explaining their philosophies empower the reader to create stylish, functional, and unique rooms of their very own.  Covering a range of styles from traditional to modern, formal to whimsical, and showcasing some of the best work by the best designers of our age, “Be Your Own Decorator” is a must have for your design book library.

Susanna Salk and Lee Stanton during Legends 2012