Closet Envy


Photo: Douglas Friedman 

Ken Fulk’s closet in November issue of Architectural Digest is the epitome of rich and eclectic design. He goes against the grain by utilizing antique bookcases and a brass clothing rack to replace the all to common closet kits of today. He embraces English details with a large antique box on stand hidden behind an unusual antler upholstered chair, these being reminiscent of the once popular royal hunts. So why not defy the expected and harness the old world culture by embracing antique furniture in order to diversify your own closet?

England circa 1820’s Regency upholstered chair (B161), England circa 1930 bookcases from Oxford university (BC131), England circa 1880 large mahogany box (BD110)




Editorial Inspiration


A chess set collection is on display in the October issue of Elle Decoration UK.


Editorial Inspiration


A nordic restaurant combines antiques and cuisine in a 19th century Berlin townhouse.

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Soho He Left It

Judd-Home-and-Studio-Architecture-Research-Office-3It took 25 years for visionary American artist Donald Judd to renovate and make a five story, 19th century manufacturing building in Soho his home.  Judd lead the influx of creatives into a waning industrial neighborhood that has become a cultural epicenter. Collecting pieces from antique shops and travels abroad as well as commissioning works by fellow artists, Judd meticulously positioned his collection with the idea that the placement of art was as important to our understanding as the art itself.
One of my favorite architectural, and interior photographers, James Ewing, (check out his incredible portfolio: ( brilliantly captured the essence of Judd’s notion that art is inseparable from architecture.
Judd5PastedGraphic-2This 19th century manufacturing building, turned 20th century home and working studio is now a 21st century museum ( where you can see everything just as Judd left it.  What a noteworthy example of an evolving neighborhood and the concept of repurposing with a reverence to the past!
Judd-Home-and-Studio-Architecture-Research-Office-1Judd-Home-and-Studio-Architecture-Research-Office-17Judd-Foundation-1 White_4FL_S
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