Editorial Inspiration


A chess set collection is on display in the October issue of Elle Decoration UK.



Working On White

photoWhite is an effective backdrop to showcase your favorite well-worn antiques. The workbench is almost sculptural in nature giving new meaning to functional art.

AY37 AW3 England circa 1850  work bench in bleached wood (AY37), England circa 1840 wood plank top table (AW3)


France circa 1880 work bench (AZ12)

B51A AY162

France circa 1950 jielde lamp (B51A), France circa 1900 large bottle of stopper (AY162)


France circa 1900 glass blown bottle (AY101D)

imageLikewise, the traveling chest against a white backdrop exhibits a very simple, flexible and care-free atmosphere.

Picture 1 AL98France circa 1970 vibrant dye company advertisement poster on board (AY111), England circa 1860 large painted camphotwood image2

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